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Jessica Freites is a healing artist and teacher, with a focus in sound and energy healing, channeling and astrology. She uses her empathic and intuitive abilities to provide support for others in their alignment processes of mind, body and spirit. Much of this began by her having to reclaim her own physical and mental health caused by deep emotional stress and trauma. Spirit was showing her to pay attention - changing careers, homes, digging deeper and remembering her roots and lineage from a strong line of healers, intuitives and mediums.  To hear how she did it click here.

Whether channeling Divine to assist in aligning one's energetic body for optimal health, instilling grounding and meditation techniques to aid in clearing unresolved trauma, or giving readings to gain clarity, Jessica’s aim is to move and transmute energy.  Facilitating healing through empowerment and connection with the highest Self, and helping you remember the GURU lies within.

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