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“Nadir” is an exploration into the cusp of the subconscious.  It is the bridge between the individual psyche and its materialization into the physical plane.  Here we address the significance of the vessel that is the female body, the matriarch, the mother, and most significantly the representation of the feminine principal in and of itself. 


In the piece’s context the terms “feminine” and “masculine” refer to the duality nature of the plane of reality where both expressions exist in a symbiotic dance.  The feminine representing the qualitative, the unseen, the non-linear, the subconscious, darkness, mysticism, that which receives and merges, nature, birth, death, emotionality, the murky, and unknown, i.e., that which we cannot fully understand intellectually nor merely through our conscious five senses yet possesses the potentiality to affect us in a very real way.  Although these concepts are inherent to all of our realities, structures in modernized Western society have decimated their power and necessity.  Societal systems have drastically strayed away from living within a collaborative nature and become fundamentally patriarchal, trickling down to the personal values of the individual.  We often give exceptional validity to what we are able to see and touch in the physical plane, that which brings tangible, measurable, means to an ends results, that which can be explained, categorized, analyzed and intellectualized and often toss aside all that does not fit into these molds. 


The main figure serves as a personified entity of a neo-archetypal goddess.  Here we see her evolutionary story as well as her struggle to free herself from eons of suppression from her personal psyche. Here, we remember.