Feeling like something is up with your body but can't quite put your finger on it? Or perhaps you have some clarity as to the nature of the physical ailment, but would like to gain some perspective as to emotional and spiritual catalysts creating this dissonance? With a quick energetic body scan I tap into your energy body to see where there is stagnation - physical, emotional and/or spiritual - and provide some possible causes and solutions.


In person, video or phone. Supplemental homework also provided.



First Session

This session may be broken up over multiple sessions in order to asses how your body processes the energy. It serves to diagnose and clear specific energetic blocks.

For a more detailed description of this process click here.


In person, video or phone - for remote sessions, headphones are recommended but the energy body will still be receptive either way. Supplemental homework also provided.




For those interested in continuing their healing journey.


In person, video or phone - for remote sessions, headphones are recommended but the energy body will still be receptive either way. Supplemental homework also provided.



If you need some direction regarding your mind, body and/or spiritual healing practice and development, having some assistance along the way is always helpful. Especially important for those exhibiting heightened sensitivities - empaths, channels, mediums, psychics, etc. Supplemental homework also provided.

For further inquiry please contact  info@frequency.guru

*FREE Consultation*

Single or Package Pricing Available

5 (60 minute) SESSIONS - $998 

**Get 1 Free Session**

6 Sessions Total 


For deep and prolonged healing to occur consistency is key. Each session is tailored to your needs, combining modalities such as astrology, energy therapy, sound therapy, divination, nutritional information, etc. 

Supplemental homework also provided.

To inquire further please contact info@frequency.guru

5 (60 minute) SESSIONS - $998 

**Get 1 Free 60 Minute Session**

6 Sessions Total

(can also be substituted for 40 minute sessions) 


Each session is tailored particularly to your needs and is intended to assist in esoterically complex matters such as entity attachment, clearing & warding off "mal de ojo" or "evil eye" and so on. Supplemental homework also provided.









If the energy in your house feels stagnant, non-motivating or even spiritually unsettling and/or inhabited by unwanted "guests" a house clearing to reset your home back to your temple is always a great idea. 

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*FREE Consultation - Sessions starting at $300*


(in person or remote)

Each session provides insight and clarity as to the native's personality and psyche - emotional foundation, career and money matters, relationships, etc. and what patterns are either hindering or most suitable for the native's karmic soul development.

Natal, Composite (Relationship), Synastry (Compatability), Solar Return and other Predictive Readings available.  

**All readings may be recorded** 



Each session combines these two healing modalities.

To schedule and discuss please contact info@frequency.guru



(in person or remote)

Private sessions available for those looking to understand - how to read their personal natal chart - understanding more about the system of astrology in general - and/or taking their astrological toolkit to the next level for work or play. Sessions are primarily focused on the fundamental evolutionary elements of the natal chart and how to use this information for deep healing, shadow work and shadow integration. Are suitable for the absolute beginner to intermediate levels interested in astrology or other forms of divination (tarot, numerology, hermeticism, etc.) as they are complimentary practices. 

$65/hr - 3 hours minimum

*5 hours suggested*

 For further inquiry please contact  info@frequency.guru



(in person or remote)

Tarot - 25 minute session - ideal for gaining clarity on a specific life matter.

Astro - 25 minute session - ideal for gaining clarity and assistance regarding the overall karmic purpose of this lifetime, or clarity in a specific department of life - relationship, career, money, family, etc. 



In depth written analysis  of natal chart detailing key concepts and themes in the native's personal life, personality, karmic patterns and challenges, gifts, talents, and tools for karmic development.

For further inquiry please contact info@frequency.guru



 The time of one's transition is one that deserves to be filled with honor, integrity and grace. Death is always an extremely intense event - but it doesn't have to be as grueling as it often times is. These sessions are intended to assist in this great transition. Jessica provides healing support to prepare the mind, body and spirit into the next chapter of life. aiding in releasing fear and resistance during this sacred time and instead allowing the space for acceptance and peace to flourish. 

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*FREE Consultation*


(Workshops tailored to needs of the group and can be facilitated for various populations such as: Children K-Highschool, Adults, Range of Cognitive & Physical Abilities, Mixed Abilities, etc.)

Sing, Play, Move, Act, Create! Creation is a vital component to life. Finding ones voice literally and figuratively while improving coordination, cognitive skills, increasing stress relief, and discovering the inherent joy that lies within are keys to a fruitful life. Jessica combines her skills as a sound therapist, musician, healer and performance artist to create an experience intended to get you in touch with the creative spark that lies within you!  

*Price varies* 

For further inquiry please contact info@frequency.guru

To learn more about other individuals' healing experiences with Jessica click



Because your inner child is tired of too much adulting!  Saturday June 30th 3:00-5:00pm #ComePlay at Innergy Meditation  If you’re “adulting” in today’s modern world of endless rings, dings, pings, and tings, this afternoon of play is for you. This workshop aims to shift the way we relate to the act of play: as a necessity, rather than a luxury. Book your Cushion on www.innergymeditation.com

Because your inner child is tired of too much adulting!


Saturday June 30th 3:00-5:00pm #ComePlay at Innergy Meditation


Sounds are powerful. Especially your own. Everything is vibrating - constantly - no matter how fast, slow, audible or not, everything in our reality is producing sound. These sounds and vibrations create real, tangible physical and emotional responses...



Your turn to receive. 


What do I mean by that? Well, we are so often doing, going, working, pushing. And sometimes, we just have to BE. Receive. Be the vessel. Fill our cup through simply allowing. And so in this sound meditation we will be "doing" just that. 


Astrology is a potent tool for self-discovery and one that can further understanding between our internal and external worlds. In this workshop series we will focus primarily on the elements that constitute the natal chart and take steps towards understanding how to use this information for healing. Classes are suitable for the absolute beginner interested in learning the basic language and theory of the zodiac or a student of astrology or other form of divination interested in furthering your practice! 

Astrology is a potent tool for self-discovery and one that can further understanding between our internal and external worlds. In this workshop series...






Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 8.34.36 PM.png

The body. What a complex magnificent system. And we live in it. Always. It can be our best friend taking us to new heights of physical vitality, provide intuitive information by giving us signals such as "gut" feelings or the chills, or it can yell at us through massively loud indicators such as disease and sickness that something physically, mentally or spiritually in our lives has to change. In this 3 part series...




Sonic Limpieza is back! Your favorite shamanic sound healing experience.  


Energy is an interesting, subtle, not so subtle, sneaky, magical thing. We are affected by it. We don't always see it. We definitely feel it. We can transform and transmute it. We can manifest things with it. And it makes up everything in our existence. But the good stuff happens only when that energy is being moved, cleansed, grounded and renewed on a consistent basis. Join me Sunday, 9/15 to do just that!


EMAIL: info@frequency.guru


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