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The body. What a complex magnificent system. And we live in it. Always. It can be our best friend taking us to new heights of physical vitality, provide intuitive information by giving us signals such as "gut" feelings or the chills, or it can yell at us through massively loud indicators such as disease and sickness that something physically, mentally or spiritually in our lives has to change.


This 3 part series will commence with a healing experience where we focus on the power of breath and sound (and of course a bit of play). The science stuff, and the real world put it to use stuff. How to take that breath/voice of yours and use it as a tool for healing, grounding, release, waking it up and also actually communicating in ways where your amazing YOU gets to fully express itself.  

And being that your body (physical and energetic) is such a mega awesome powerful and magical machine we should probably connect to it as much as possible. In Part 2 we take some of what we covered in Part 1 and focus on the body itself. Learn to listen to it, trust it, communicate with it and so on.

We finish it all off with a full blown meditative sound and movement immersive experience in Part 3.