So what's the point?

Sounds are powerful. Especially your own. Everything is vibrating - constantly - no matter how fast, slow, audible or not, everything in our reality is producing sound. These sounds and vibrations create real, tangible physical and emotional responses.  Take a speaker emitting sound over a cup of water. Or you listening to an instrumental song and it making you feel happy or relaxed, etc. How these sounds are arranged can produce so many different responses. Since they are impressing upon us consciously and very much subconsciously we might as well learn how to pay attention to them and use them as tools for our betterment instead of as a hindrance to our peace. 

Now, there is interacting with the sounds that exist externally - and the ever so potent ability to create your own - tailored to your own needs, backed by your own intentionality. The voice - we all have one, at our disposal, in use, all the time. We might as well get them fine tuned as self-healing tools as well as training them to  exemplify the person we want to truly be seen as. This can mean learning tones and #mantra for calming the mind, or knowing how to speak confidently and clearly at that interview for your dream job. 

In this workshop we will go over various techniques to get ourselves tuned up and freeing the natural voice that lies within you...with a surefire laugh thrown in here and there :)  



634 NE 71st St.

7:30-9:00 pm

$20 to unlock your flyness