I have had the opportunity to facilitate 100s of healing experiences, here is what some have to say...


"The first time I had my chart read by Jessica, I was frozen with the information that she gave me.  There were things she knew that no one would have.  She provided insight to future events, paths I'd cross, financial situation and relationships that would soon too pass.

Since then I've had Jessica read my chart numerous times and she is the one and only I would ever go to."




"I'd had my astral chart read in the past, so I thought I had a good idea of what to expect, but my reading with Jessica was beyond what I expected. She didn't just tell me what was going on in my chart, she made sure that I understood it and how it impacted the different aspects of my life.


She definitely made sure that I got what was coming across and was not shy about reiterating the things I needed to do that I had been avoiding and tiptoeing around. Above all she gave me the reassurance I needed about a lot of things I had a feeling about, but kept teetering back and forth on. She really is exceptional at not only what she does, but the way that she connects with you while doing it. I definitely would recommend a reading with Jessica to anyone who's looking to get more than just your run of the mill reading!"


"I attended Jessica’s 3 day workshop on Astrology and I was genuinely surprised at how much it had helped me understand myself in so many different scopes. I loved her approach, viewing it as a way to heal and connect with others.


I got a reading after the workshop I was blown away by the accuracy and depth of Jessica’s abilities. She revealed things that I’ve never even said out loud to anyone making the little skeptic in me completely silent. She wasn’t telling me my future but was telling me where I need to show up for myself. She kept on repeating the same messages that I needed to hear and provided guidance to get there. She truly is such a gem of light, vibrant and so authentic. So happy I was able to see her gifts and have her as a guide." 


"Jessica completed my chart some months ago and I was impressed by her thorough knowledge and ability to communicate clearly for me all details and answer all my questions.  I left feeling like I had new found understanding and clarity of exactly what I needed to know for my personal growth.  I've worked with many astrologers and Jessica is definitely top on my list. I would highly recommend her for both those that are first timers to readings and vets."




"Astrology can be (how we say,)  woo woo and way out "there," wherever that may be...  however the dedication evident with every reading lends towards a scientific approach. Along with complete, heart centered and balanced vulnerability.


With an acute attention to detail,  and energetic persona,  Jessica shines by melding her studies of music,  movement,  and the reading of star charts into a seamless, inexplicably valuable service which provides insight and clarity. "


"I have had several sessions with Jessica, each time I've transcended the physical space and somehow enter this space of true intuitive instinctual conversation.  


Her presence alone is powerful and her energy work through sound and touch is very accurate and has helped me in more ways than I ever could have imagined. I particularly enjoy her precision and intellectual nature.  Jessica is undeniably a true healer"



"Energy work with Jessica is no cookie cutter experience. She tailors her insight to each person, creating a cocoon of self improvement. 

Jessica started my session with correct intuitions of needed improvements in my breathing. We spoke about them intellectually and emotionally and finally did an active session of breathing exercises. Jessica left me "homework" to continue working on after the class, and I already feel steady and with less anxiety towards incoming challenges."



"Working with Jessica has been a healing experience like no other. Our sound energy sessions have opened up not only my physical but also emotional range, teaching me how to remain attuned to my needs across body and mind.


Similarly, Jessica’s nuanced questions and dialogue-based introspection during our astrology consultation helped me better understand behavioral patterns, triggers, and ambitions through my life, furthering my capacity to act from a place of presence and intention in personal and professional domains. Sessions with Jessica have been a fundamental breath of fresh air, leaving me with cathartic, penetrating insights that catalyze better connection to myself."


"I attended one of Jessica's Sonic Limpieza events.  It was impressive. Jessica's presence and shamanic abilities are powerful. Her voice is transcendent through time and culture. She sang over my heart and the vibrations soothed me at a time of sadness.

The Sonic Limpieza and her healing abilities are impressive, powerful and comfortable. I felt safe the whole time.

I recommend it.



"I am definitely recommending Jess. She was on point with everything she told me. Many things that I kind of knew about myself she confirmed but she also helped me become aware of many other things I had never considered. The reading really helped me figure out who I truly am and what I want from life and myself. 



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